Balkans 2007: Sofia

By Ruben
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BULGIUM – An enjoyable night talking to our Serb neighbours (and not sleeping very much) on a sleeping train brought us from Belgrade to the Bulgarian capital Sofia. I have nice memories of Bulgaria, a picturesque country with friendly and helpful people, but didn’t find Sofia very interesting. It was heavily bombed during WW2 and mostly rebuilt in a rather bland style afterwards. On the other hand, it is still pretty lively, as capital city with over a million inhabitants should be. And you can eat almost everywhere, which is also is very important:)

Day  12-14 –  2007-08-01 to 03

1. The station
2. Walking to the center (or rather back to the station when we left the city)
6. Sofia has quite an impressive natural setting, as you can see here from its central square 
7. I think this is the centre’s main street, Bulevard Vitosha
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