Verviers at Midwinter

By Ruben

BELGIUM – A visit to Verviers with my dad. I had already been there a few times with a friend, and had to show him this mysterious little city that feels hidden in a far corner of eastern Belgium.

2. The rolls in the foreground give away Verviers’ past as a textile town and one of mainland Europe’s very first industrial towns
3. The 19th century law court
4. One thing I like about Verviers is that, despite feeling like quite a big town, it also feels like it’s in the middle of the Ardennes. The Vesdre river with the back’s of houses in the center on the right
5. The spire of the 19th century post office
12. The Vesdre again
13. A mansion by the Vesdre and under the motorway
15. View from the back of Hotel des Ardennes, where we spent the night
16. The name of this cafe reminds us that, even though it doesn’t feel that way, the Netherlands are not far away (about 20 kilometres in a straight line)
17. Back by the Vesdre
19. I’m not sure if this stack of houses that I find rather charming is still there. I can imagine great potential for it, but there have long been plans to build a modern shopping center in its place
21. Now under the motorway
25. Part of a former customs rail yard that has been converted into a luxury hotel since I made this picture
28. A church that looks like it’s in the middle of an industrial estate (picture made after visiting Eupen with a friend a few weeks later)
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