Châtelet: A Small Town on the Edge of Charleroi

By Ruben

BELGIUM – Châtelet is a town of about 36,000 on the eastern edge of Charleroi, a bigger but less old town. I went there twice, once with my dad and once with a friend, and will share pictures of both visits with you here.

1. Arriving at the station, 2007-04-06
2. 2007-04-06
3. Crossing the Sambre, 2007-04-06
4. 2007-04-06

One of the Bonnes Villes, or regional centers, of the Prince-Bishopric of Liège (an independant country from the 10th to 18th century), Châtelet has a history dating back to at least the 15th century. It is also not an ugly place, and in my opinion would be quite nice (comparable to other small towns in the region such as Enghien) if it were to be cleaned and renovated.

5. 2007-04-06
6. 2007-04-06
7. Place Jean Guyet and the 19th century Church of Saint Peter and Paul, 2007-04-06
8. 2008-03-22
9. 2008-03-22
10. 2008-03-22
11. 2008-03-22
12. 2008-03-02
13. 2008-03-22
14. 2008-03-22
15. Chapel of Saint Roch, which was built in 1626. 2008-03-22
16. Chapel of Saint Roch, 2008-03-22
17. Another chapel, 2008-03-22
18. 2008-03-22
19. A typical street, 2008-03-22

Climbing Mount Doom

36. One of the two terrils (spoil tips) near Châtelet, which we climbed on both visits to Châtelet, 2008-03-22
37. On the first occasion, an amiable Walloon who lived at the foot of the terril warned us that visitors (most of whom were Flemmings) often had to be rescued by helicopter from somewhere half way to the top. Though climbing it was a bit like climbing mount doom (it’s quite tiring because your feet sink into the dirt), I doubt that what he said was true, 2008-03-22

The views from the top:

38. Looking south towards the edge of the Ardennes, 2008-03-22
39. Looking north west toward Charleroi, 2008-03-22
40. Looking north-east towards Châtelet, 2008-03-22
41. Looking east, 2008-03-22
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