BELGIUM – In a region of pleasant, rolling hills to the south west of Brussels, a few kilometers south of the border between Dutch and French-speaking Belgium, lies the village of Rebecq. It is a surprisingly pleasant place, which is why my dad and I have often gone for a walk there. These pictures were taken on one of these walks, on 2012-06-02. Posted on 2020-04-20

1. The Senne river, which flows under Brussels, flows through Rebecq
2. On the banks of the Senne, the original head office of the Solavay chemical company, which was founded by Ernest Solvay, a native of Rebecq
6. Now out of town (it is not very big), crossing the Senne on an old railway bridge
7. The bridge the last picture was taken from
9. Gallows
10. A shrine (Belgium is full of them)
11. A transformer house in a regional style
12. One of the engines used on a narrow-gauge railway, which now operates as a tourist line from Rebecq to Rognon
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