Land of the Saar, Sauer and Mosel

By Ruben Alexander
GERMANY / LUXEMBOURG – A friend of mine was at a small festival on a campsite in the German Saarland for a weekend in May 2017, and I decided to go there by bike and spend the night.

Day 1, 2017-05-26

I took a train to Luxembourg City, and from there headed mostly downhill to Remich, where I crossed the Mosel river where it forms the border with Germany. From there I rode up in to the forested hills of Saarland, which offer impressive views back to the Mosel valley and Luxembourg. I didn’t make many pictures because I wanted to get on with it (there was a strong head wind, and the climbs, while not steep, seemed to go on for ever), and because the light was too strong anyway. 
Skipping long kilometres of forests and grassland, the first pictures I made are of these typical houses in Ortscholz:1.


I couldn’t help but make some more pictures a few kilometres down the road, when I descended into the deep valley of the Saar river at Mettlach (another town which is now on the list of places I have to go back to someday to make more pictures)

3. The Saar river

4. Looking the other way. the Villeroy & Boch ceramics factory (I always thought that Villeroy & Boch was Belgian, but this turned out to be the head office)

5. Mettlach station

6. Opposite the station, the back of the Villeroy & Boch factory

7. Mettlach station and the line from Saarbrücken to Trier

8. More Villeroy & Boch

I’m always happy to find a street of pre-war houses in Germany (pre-war styles of German architecture are among my favorites, but many towns are mostly made up of IMO rather soulless post-war buildings). And most of Mettlach seemed looks this authentic



Fifteen more kilometres of forests and fields from Mettlach (so 55 from Luxembourg) brought me to my destination, Losheim am See.




Losheim’s main street:




Day 2, 2017-05-27

I was woken up by insects after a short night under the stars (I could have slept in a tent, but preferred to sleep outside listening to the calming sound of a stream – broken only by the sound of the god-awful goa trance music coming from the festival), and continued on my way at an hour that most of the other visitors were getting ready for bed.

Again, I wanted to get going, and didn’t stop often to make pictures, though these first pictures (which were already taken in the region of Rhineland-Palatinate to the north) give a good impression of the region’s landscape (I should have taken at least one picture of a pine forest though, seeing as I passed through many):


18. The village of Zerf (Landkreis Trier-Saarburg)

19. A few of the many wind turbines in the region (as far as I have seen, they seem to be everywhere along Germany’s western border, from Ostfriesland to here)

I descended into the valley of the river Mosel on the western outskirts of Trier (which I didn’t visit, that’s for another time), from where I followed the river back towards the border with Luxembourg.

20. The Mosel and the town of Oberbillig, Germany, which sits opposite the river from, Wasserbillig, Luxembourg

21. The vineyards on the bank of the Mosel had really made me feel “far from home” the previous day, when I didn’t make pictures of them near Remich

22. Oberbillig again

23. Wasserbillig

24. A house in Wasserbillig

From Wasserbillig, I followed the river Sauer (FR: Sûre) past Echternach and Diekirch. I didn’t take many pictures again, except for these three, which I took shortly before Ettelbrück, my final destination (which I chosen because I could take a direct train back to Liège).



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