Sainte-Walburge in Summer

By Ruben

BELGIUM – In this post, I will show you some summer pictures of Sainte-Walburge, a neighbourhood on the hillside to the north of the centre of Liège.

1. Rue de l’Académie, 2016-07-06
A urban semi-motorway that was built in 1960’s separates Sainte-Walburge from the neighbourhood of Sainte-Marguerite (which you see here)
2. Rue de l’Académie, 2016-07-06
The Hocheporte bus station was also built here, on the site were the Hocheporte city gate stood until 1821, when it was demolished by the Dutch regime (who were occupying Belgium at the time). I never understood the purpose of this bus station, which is situated 200 metres uphill from the Saint-Lambert bus station
3. Rue de l’Académie, 2016-07-06
Now looking towards Sainte-Walburge, Rue de Campine (left) and Montagne Sainte-Walburge, the two main streets that wind up the hill through the neighbourhood
4. Rue Hocheporte, 2016-07-06
Situated just behind Rue de Campine, Rue Hocheporte used to go through the Hocheporte. The higher part (this part) was outside the city walls, but as you can see by some of the houses, is still pretty old
5. Rue Hocheporte, 2017-07-05
View downhill towards Saint-Martin’s Basilica
6. Rue Hocheporte, 2017-07-05
7. Rue Hocheporte, 2017-07-05
A dead-end side street (which is actually the end of Rue Hocheporte)
8. Rue Hocheporte, 2017-07-05
9. Rue Naimette and Rue Xhovémont, 2014-06-10
10. Rue Xhovémont, 2017-07-05
The continuation of Rue Hocheporte
11. Rue Xhovémont, 2016-07-06
Near to the top of the hill
12. Rue des Eglantiers, 2016-07-06
13. Parc de Xhovémont, 2016-07-06
14. Parc de Xhovémont, 2016-07-06
View toward Cointe Basilica and Guillemins station
15. Parc de Xhovémont, 2017-07-05
View towards the Tour des Finances
16. Rue des Buissons, 2017-07-05
17. Rue des Buissons, 2017-07-05
18. Rue des Buissons, 2017-07-05
19. Rue des Eglantiers, 2014-05-31
20. Rue Auguste Donnay, 2017-07-05
21. Rue Auguste Donnay, 2017-07-05
22. Rue du Limbourg, 2015-05-15
23. Avenue Victor Hugo, 2015-05-15
A school at the top of the hill
24. Rue Naniot, 2017-07-13
The neighbourhood on top of the hill has a more suburban character
25. Rue Naniot, 2017-07-13
26. Boulevard des Hauteurs, 2017-07-13
27. Boulevard des Hauteurs, 2017-07-13
A detail of the Church of Sainte-Julienne
28. Boulevard des Hauteurs, 2017-07-13
29. Rue de Campine, 2015-04-10
View of the western part of the city
30. Rue de Campine, 2015-05-27
31. Rue de Campine, 2010-06-10
View from the back of the house I lived in during my first year in Liège
32. Rue de Campine, 2016-08-27
View towards the Hocheporte bus station (where this post started), with the Basilica of Saint-Martin in the background
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