Goodbye to Liège: Ougrée

By Ruben

BELGIUM – In the last few months I lived in Liège, I fanatically made even more pictures than usual when the weather allowed for it (2017 was a particularly rainy year). On the bike ride in this post, I was on a mission to find a view I had found on holiday with a friend before I lived in Liège, but which I had never found again (and which I did this time!).

1. Sclessin (Liège) – Rue Ernest Solvay
A bridge carrying a railway line across the Meuse to the Cockerill steel mill in Ougrée
2. Sclessin – Rue Ernest Solvay
Lidl’s cheapness means that it is often in rather interesting buildings (which they didn’t demolish to build a new supermarket). In this case, it has preserved some of the region’s industrial heritage
3. Sclessin – Rue Ernest Solvay
Old logo on the building that houses the Lidl
4. Sclessin – Rue Ernest Solvay
5. Sclessin – Rue Ernest Solvay
6. Sclessin – Rue Ernest Solvay
The street opposite the Standard de Liège football stadium, from where I crossed the Meuse on Pont d’Ougrée. You can see both the stadium and the bridge in my post on the Meuse river in this area (amongs other)
7. Ougrée (Seraing) – Pont d’Ougrée (2013-09-29)
The Meuse and the Cockerill steel mill
8. Ougrée (Seraing) – Pont d’Ougrée
The Cockerill steel mill
9. Ougrée – Rue Gustave Trasenster
One of the steel mill’s administrative buildings
10. Ougrée – Rue Gustave Trasenster
There are various places in this neighbourhood where pipelines from the factories go through the blocks of houses
11. Ougrée – Rue de la Gare (2013-09-29)
Around the corner from the last picture, most of what you see here was cleared not long after I made this photo
12. Ougrée – Rue de l’ Acier (2013-09-29)
13. Ougrée – Rue de Boncelles (2013-09-29)
Everything you see here has been cleared as well
14. Ougrée – Rue Ferdinand Nicolay
15. Ougrée – Rue de Boncelles (2015-10-01)
16. Ougrée – near Rue de Boncelles
Going up the hill
17. Ougrée – Rue du Fort
The church of Saint Léonard – La Chaqueuse
18. Ougrée – Rue des Airelles
View towards Seraing, with Jemeppe-sur-Meuse on the hills in the distance
19. Ougrée – Rue des Airelles
20. Ougrée – Rue du Fort
View towards Sclessin
21. Ougrée – Rue du Désert
22. Ougrée – Rue de l’Enseignement
Not having found the places I was looking for, I somehow found myself back at the bottom of the hill. Looking at Google streetview, it seems that most of these pipelines have now been removed
23. Ougrée – Rue Franklin Roosevelt
The Rampe d’Ougrée motorway bridge
24. Ougrée – Rue Lamarche (2017-11-06)
25. Ougrée – Rue Lamarche (2017-11-06)
26. Ougrée – Rue de Renory (2017-11-06)
Church of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue
27. Ougrée – Rue de l’Egalité
Finally, the place I was looking for!
28. Ougrée – Rue de l’Egalité
The Cockerill steel mill with Cointe Basilica in the background
29. Ougrée – Rue de l’Egalité
Rampe d’Ougrée and the Standard de Liège football stadium
30. Ougrée – Rue de l’Egalité
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