Curacao – St jorisbaai – a walk towards the sea

By Alwin Hendriks

This is a walk of about 5 km. When I lived on the island of Curacao during one year, I lived near a place called Sint Jorisbaai (Saint Joris bay). For me it was one of the best, or maybe the best place for hiking, and I happened to live quite close to the place. It is a lake, at the far north-east side of the island. A lake with a connection to the sea, that is probably why it is called a bay and not a lake…

Because of heavy wind, many people used to go surfing on the lake. Apart from people surfing, and some people walking around with their dogs, usually you will find almost nobody around the lake. Which makes it a perfect place to enjoy the nature.

PUBLISHED : 31th Januari, 2019
LAST MODIFIED : 1st February, 2019

Surfing on the north side of St Jorisbaai, probably not a good idea..

This day I went there to make a small hike. I was aiming to walk aside the lake, and then go towards the connection of the lake and the sea. I had heard that the sea used to be very rough on that side of the island. There is a walking track to get to the connection with the sea, though the track is difficult to find at the place between the lake and the sea.

Funny enough, while not yet walking too long, I met a man who was asking me if I knew how to get to the sea. I said yes, but I never went there, I pointed him the direction, and later said lets find the track together because I actually wanted to go there too.

The funny thing was, that he wanted to go there to see, if at the connection of the bay with the sea, the waves would be good for surfing. I said, for what I heard, it is a very dangerous side of the island and I never heard somebody who went surfing there. Well, at the end of the day, he (and me too) was happy with the beautiful hike we made… but surfing on that side of the island seemed to be a very bad and dangerous idea…

The hike towards the sea

1. Along the lake

The first part of the hike is quite easy, though the heat can be beating somebody. I parked my car where it is not easy to go further, unless somebody has a 4×4, and where most people park their car; just in front of the lake coming from Willemstad at the end of the dust road.

Then somebody will just be walking aside the lake, keeping the water to his right hand all the time. Till you reach the corner where you cannot really go further.
The reason why i describe this hike in so much detail, is because I remember I looked for this track on the internet before making it, but it was not so well described and that’s why I did not find the track the first time.

FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 001
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 002
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 003
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 004
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 005
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 006
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 007
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 008

2. Around the corner, towards the sea. Walking on the side of a steep hill on a difficult track (if there even is a track) with beautiful sights…

With the corner I mean where the water from the lake goes in the direction of the sea, left, and so where one cannot walk any further along side the lake. Now you will have to climb a little bit up, and then keep walking along the water. Do not go to far upwards. The water will most of the time be between 15 and 30 meters down of you, but not more then that. The track, if you will even see a track, is quite difficult to find, but be confident to keep on walking, and climbing where neccesary, towards the sea, the path is there!

While walking on sidewards on this steep hill you will see some beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 009
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 010
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 011
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 012
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 013
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 014

3. Where the (rough) sea enters St Jorisbay

On picture 14 you can see that we found the path towards the sea! Yes, we made it! We were both victorious about the fact that we found the way to the sea. It was very beautiful, and the sea was spectacular.
But the sea was way too rough for surfing. Happy with the great sights we returned towards our cars.

For people visiting this place: You can also walk back towards the parking by walking further across the sea (you can see some tracks here), and then returning through the hills. I later did this once, it is very very beautiful, and will make the total distance around 10 km. Disappointingly I do not have pictures of this variation of the hike..

FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 015
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 016
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 017
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 018
FA 180218 curacao st jorisbaai 019

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