Reinickendorf in Winter

By Ruben Alexander

GERMANY – In this post, I will show you some winter shots of Reinickendorf, the northern borough of Berlin where I spent my first 7 months in the city. Reinickendorf has about 250,000 inhabitants and covers 89.5 square kilometres, making it roughly the same size as my previous home towns Utrecht and Liège. This makes it pretty varied, with forests, lakes and upmarket suburbs (not to mention Tegel airport) in the north and west, the high rises of the Märkische Viertel in the east, and denser areas adjacent to central Berlin in the south.

What I like most about Reinickendorf is that it is mostly pretty average, but has its fair share of pleasant or interesting places spread out over its spacious territory. It is far from the trendy, bustling Berlin visited by tourists, but also far from the monotony of other similar suburbs.

Something else which I find interesting about Reinickendorf (which is in the former west) is its contrast with neighbouring Pankow (in the former east), which I started to explore at the same time. Anything built between 1945 and 1989 in the two boroughs is as different as day and night. I’m not enough of an expert to know if there is also a difference in culture, but the people who’s apartment I lived in (the parent of a friend of a friend of mine), who have lived there for 40-60 years, assure me that there is.

Central Reinickendorf

I will start with the south-eastern part of Reinickendorf, in the locality which gave the borough its name.

The view from the apartment on Herbststrasse I lived in:

1. 2018-01-19

Down the street:

2. 2018-01-10

Provinzstrasse, the road into town

3. 2018-01-10

This part of town, which was originally built in the first half of the twentieth century, was damaged in WW2, which is why modern buildings often stand next to older ones:

4. 2018-01-20

I will now take you the route from the apartment I lived in to the center of Reinickendorf.

A school at the other end Herbststrasse:

5. 2018-02-06

Opposite the school, post-war houses and church in a style typical of the west, as supposed to the ‘eastern’ style you would see in Pankow:

6. 2018-02-06

Another typical street of pre-war tenements and post-war apartment buildings:

7. 2018-02-06

One-storey houses like this one are common in Pankow but much rarer in Reinickendorf:

8. 2018-02-06

Typical Berlin housing complexes from the 1920’s and ’30’s come in a wide variety of styles:

9. 2018-02-06
10. 2018-02-06
11. 2018-02-06
12. 2018-02-06

On the corner of Reinickendorf’s main street, Residenzstrasse (the complex on the previous pictures is just beyond the church):

13. 2018-02-06

Crossing Residenzstrasse (Reinickendorf’s main street), the entrance to Alt-Reinickendorf (Old Reinickendorf) doesn’t look very promising:

14. 2018-02-08

But you don’t have to walk far to see the place that put the word dorf into Reinickendorf, once a typical Brandenburg village surrounding a fifteenth-century church on a green:

15. 2018-02-06
16. 2018-02-06
17. 2018-02-06

The western end of Alt-Reinickendorf:

18. 2018-02-06

Alt-Reinickendorf S-Bahn station:

19. 2018-02-06

Alt-Reinickendorf, which only consists of one street, is an old island surrounded by modern suburbs, and apartment buildings like this one line a busy road one block from the church:

20. 2018-02-08

Reinickendorf’s main street, Residenzstrasse:

21. 2018-02-06

The nicest thing about Residenzstrasse is that it runs past Schäfersee (‘Sheep Lake’):

22. 2018-02-06
23. 2018-02-06
24. 2018-03-02
25. 2018-03-02
26. 2018-03-02

On the other side of Schäfersee , die Weiße Stadt (‘The White City’), a 1930’s neighbourhood in the Bauhaus style that is included on the UNESCO list of world heritage for being one of the first of its kind:

27. 2018-02-08

Eichborndam & Rathaus Reinickendorf

A complex of former industrial buildings runs along Eichborndamm for almost a kilometer:

28. 2018-02-21
29. 2018-02-21
30. 2018-02-21
31. 2018-02-21
32. 2018-02-21
33. 2018-02-21
34. 2018-02-21

A photo to give an impression of what most of this area looks like:

35. 2018-02-21

Rathaus Reinickendorf U-Bahn station:

36. 2018-02-21
37. 2018-02-21
38. 2018-02-21

The Finanzamt, or tax office, in a style typical of much of this area:

39. 2018-02-21

Reinickendorf’s Rathaus, or town hall, which is situated near the former village of Alt-Wittenau:

40. 2018-02-01

In the Twilight Zone

A dead-end railway line (you can see more of them in my other posts on Berlin) on Roedernallee:

41. 2018-02-16

Breitkopfbecken lake, with Residenzstrasse in the background:

42. 2018-02-14

Schäfersee again:

43. 2018-02-13
44. 2018-02-13

I think this building, which now houses a supermarket, must once have been a tram depot (there are no trams anymore in Reinickendorf). The aeroplane above is coming in to land at Tegel airport:

45. 2018-02-13

The other side of the school you saw on photo 5:

46. 2018-02-13

I lived on the third floor of the building on the left:

47. 2018-01-07
48. 2018-02-13

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