From Pankow to Weissensee

By Ruben

GERMANY – In this post, I will take you on a bike ride from near Pankow station to the neighbourhood of Weissenssee (which is now part of the borough of Pankow).

Like much of Pankow, Kissingenstrasse, which goes east from Pankow station, is spacious, green, and lined with stately looking buildings:

1. 2018-04-20
2. 2018-04-20

A building in a modern style quite common in Berlin (you can only see a small part of it here) on the corner of Prenzlauer Promenade (a rather ugly street north of this point) and Am Steinberg:

3. 2018-04-20

Now in the neighbourhood of Weissensee, looking down Langhansstrasse from Prenzlauer Promenade gives an impression of what the nearby neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg must have looked like before it became the hippest place in Europe:

4. 2018-04-20

Langhanstrasse is narrow by Berlin standards and lined with buildings that retain their original detailing (as I mentioned in another post, details were often removed from buildings in the post-war years):

5. 2018-04-20

Clock tower of a school on Pistoriusstrasse:

6. 2018-04-20

Still on Pistoriusstrasse:

7. 2018-04-20
8. 2018-04-20
9. 2018-04-20
10. 2018-04-20
11. 2018-04-20

As a information panel by the nearest bus stop explains, the buildings on the next pictures are part a complex of residential, social and administrative buildings that was completed in 1912. The panel tells us that the buildings are in ‘Mark Brandenburg brick architecture’, which reminds me of the Amsterdam School of architecture. It may be a coincidence, but one of the blocks is called the ‘Holländer Quartier’.

12. 2018-04-20

The Kreuzpfuhl pond:

13. 2019-04-20
14. 2018-04-20

My favourite part of the complex is the inner courtyard of one of the residential blocks. It must have been one of the elements that, as the sign by the bus stop mentioned ‘was intended to make Weissensee (which was more or less on the edge of town at the time) more attractive for more affluent renters’:

15. 2018-04-20
16. 2018-04-20

One of the landmarks of Berlin is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Kurfürstendamm, which was left a ruin as a WW2 memorial. Even though it was unintentional, Weissensee has something similar: the Bethanienkirche on Pistoriusstrasse , which was completed in 1902, and was never rebuilt after it was damaged in WW2. There are plans to do something with it now, though I’m not sure what:

17. 2018-04-12

As it soon got to dark to make pictures, I went back another day to make some more.

School building by Kreuzpfuhl (the southern side of the Holländer Quartier):

18. 2018-06-09
19. 2018-06-09

The northern side of the Holländer Quartier:

20. 2018-06-09

And the block with the courtyard again:

21. 2018-06-09
22. 2018-06-09
23. 2018-06-09
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