BELGIUM – An afternoon in Leuven, where I slept in a youth hostel to catch an early flight from nearby Zaventem (Brussels Airport) the next morning, 2018-08-31.

1. Keizersberg Abbey, which is situated on the hill of the same name
2. Keizersberg Abbey
3. Keizersberg Abbey
4. A new, trendy neighbourhood is arising at the bottom of Keizersberg, in part in old buildings belonging to Stella Artois, Leuven’s most famous export
6. Former Stella Artois brewery
7. The Church of Saint Gertrude
8. The river Dijle
9. New developments by the station (the youth hostel I slept in was situated in one of these buildings)
10. The neighbourhood of Kessel-Lo seen from near the station
11. Parts of the ring road around the center are lined with elegant houses from the years between WW1 and 2
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