Four Months in Lankwitz

By Ruben

GERMANY – Having showed you the neigbourhood I had lived in for the previous seven months in another post, I will now show you where I lived during my last months in Berlin, from March to June 2019. I will start with some views from the room I rented on Frankenhauser Straße:

1. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-03-09
2. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-03-15
3. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-04-15
4. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-04-18
5. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-09

Lankwitz was heavilly bombed during WW2, and not many old buildings remain. One that does, is this rather interesting star-shaped building that now houses a school and an old-people’s home:

6. Verbindungsweg, 2019-06-03
7. Verbindungsweg, 2019-06-03

I intended to make some more pictures Lankwitz, but never got round to it. So I’ll continue in the adjacent neighbourhood of Marienfelde, starting in the ‘Freizeitpark’ of the same name. This recreational area is almost as far south as you can go in Berlin, close to where the wall used to separate West Berlin from Brandenburg (then in East Germany).

8. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
The high-rises in the distance are in the neighbourhood of Lichtenrade
9. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
10. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
A picture that could have been made by the co-founder of WPP, who always makes pictures of benches
11. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
12. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-05-29
13. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-05-04
14. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-05-29

This part of town is nice and green in summer, but rather bleak in winter.

15. Nahmitzer Damm, 2019-06-02

Unlike Lankwitz, Marienfelde still has an old part. Like many other such places in Berlin (Alt-Lübars, for instance), Alt-Marienfelde is a former Angerdorf — a village built around an Anger, or oval village green.

16. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
17. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

This building houses the Bundesamt für Risikobewertung (National Institute for Risk Assessment, whatever that is):

18. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
19. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
20. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
21. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
22. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

Most angers have a pond in the middle:

23. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

The village church dates back to at least 1230, making it one of the oldest buildings in Berlin:

24. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
25. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

Where Alt-Marienfelde meets the modern suburban neighbourhood that surrounds it:

26. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

The southernmost part of Marienfelde (which isn’t very far from where I lived) seen from just outside the city limits in Brandenburg:

27. Osdorfer Straße, 2019-06-22

Looking westwards along the former course of the Berlin Wall, I took this pictures during one of my first explorations of the far south of Berlin, before I knew that I would live 2 kilometers from this spot.

28. Bundesstraße 101, 2018-08-17

Some last shots of the view from my window before I say goodbye to Berlin:

49. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-07
50. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-09
51. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-09
52. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-06-11
53. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-06-11
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