Eleven Months in the south of Berlin

By Ruben Alexander

GERMANY – Of the eighteen months I lived in Berlin, I spent eleven in the southern part of the city. Though some of Berlin’s most interesting neighbourhoods (Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg) lie south of the center, I have to say that I found places of interest fewer and further apart to the south of the S-Bahn ring than I did in the north, where I spent my first seven months. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t places of interest at all, or that I even managed to make pictures of all of them. This is why I will give you a quick impression of the area with this post! (including snapshots made with my mobile phone)

Part 1: Tempelhof

I will start with the neighbourhood of Tempelhof, where I lived from August 2018 to Febuary 2019. The neighbourhood’s main street, Tempelhofer Damm, is part of one of the main roads into town. To the north, it runs past the former Tempelhof Airport, through Kreuzberg and eventually onto Friedrichstraße (one of Berlin’s most famous streets). Like the surrounding neighbourhood, buildings on Tempelhofer Damm are sometimes ugly, sometimes pretty, and sometimes nondescript:

1. Tempelhofer Damm, 2019-02-27

Apart from Tempelhof Airport (which I might show you in another post), the Ulsteinhaus is by far the biggest landmark in the area. The brick-expressionist building was completed in 1927 as the head office for the Ulstein Publishing House. At 77 meters, it was the tallest high-rise in Germany until 1957 (this doesn’t include churches and cathedrals):

2. Mariendorfer Damm, 2018-08-19

I lived in the first-floor room on the corner:

3. Alarichstraße/Wolframstraße, 2018-08-19

The neighbourhood is characterised by rather plain architecture from the 1920’s and ’30’s:

4. Arnulfstraße, 2018-08-19

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any nice details:

5. Arnulfstraße, 2018-08-19

One of my favourite places in the area (officially just across the border in the neighbourhood of Schöneberg) was this housing complex surrounding a park with a pond:

6. Arnulfstraße, 2018-08-19
7. Arnulfstraße, 2018-08-19

Some autumn pictures of the immediate surroundings of the apartment where I lived:

8. Alarichstraße/Konradinstraße, 2018-10-11
9. Wulfila-Ufer, 2018-10-11
10. Wulfila-Ufer, 2018-10-11
11. Footpath by the Teltow Canal, 2018-10-11

The Teltow Canal, which flows through the south of Berlin, connecting the Spree in Oberschöneweide with the Havel in Potsdam:

12. Teltow Canal seen from Gersdorfstraße, 2018-10-11

The Teltow Canal and the Ulsteinhaus:

13. Teltow Canal see from Alarichstraße, 2018-11-03
14. Teltow Canal seen from Alarichstraße, 2018-11-15

A view from my window:

15. Wolframstraße/Alarichstraße, 2018-11-01
16. Tempelhofer Damm/Viktoriastraße, 2018-11-24

A few more views from my window:

17. Wolframstraße/Alarichstraße, 2019-01-26
18. Alarichstraße, 2019-01-14
19. Alarichstraße, 2019-01-28

A last view of the Ulsteinhaus before I left Tempelhof for a house five kilometers to the south west:

20. Teltow Canal seen from Alarichstraße, 2019-02-17

Part 2: Lankwitz and Marienfelde

View from the room I rented in the neighbourhood of Lankwitz from March to June 2019:

21. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-03-09
22. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-03-15
23. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-04-15
24. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-04-18
25. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-09

Lankwitz was heavilly bombed during WW2, and not many old buildings remain as a result (I intended to make some more pictures of the neighbourhood, but never got round to it). More pre-war buildings survive in the adjacent neighbourhood of Marienfelde. One of them is this rather interesting star-shaped building that now houses a school and an old-people’s home:

26. Verbindungsweg, 2019-06-03
27. Verbindungsweg, 2019-06-03

Freizeitpark Marienfelde, on the southern edge of Berlin, close to where the wall used to separate West Berlin from East German (now Brandenburg). The high-rises in the distance are in the neighbourhood of Lichtenrade:

28. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
29. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07

A picture that could have been made by the co-founder of WPP:

30. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
31. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-04-07
32. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-05-29
33. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-05-04
34. Freizeitpark Marienfelde, 2019-05-29

A typical street, which is nice and green in summer but rather bleak in winter:

35. Nahmitzer Damm, 2019-06-02

The former village of Alt-Marienfelde:

36. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
37. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

A building that now houses the Bundesamt für Risikobewertung (National Institute for Risk Assessment, whatever that is):

38. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
39. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
40. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
41. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
42. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

Like many other villages in Berlin and Brandenburg (such as Lübars), Alt-Mariendorf is a so called Angerdorf, built around an Anger, or oval village green:

43. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

The village church, which dates back to at least 1230:

44. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02
45. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

Where Alt-Marienfelde meets the modern suburban neighbourhood that surrounds it:

46. Alt-Marienfelde, 2019-06-02

The southernmost part of Marienfelde (which isn’t very far from where I lived) seen from just outside the city limits in Brandenburg:

47. Osdorfer Straße, 2019-06-22

Looking westwards along the former course of the Berlin (I took this pictures during one of my first explorations of the far south of Berlin, before I knew that I would live 2 kilometers from this spot):

48. Bundesstraße 101, 2018-08-17

Some last shots of the view from my window before I say goodbye to Berlin:

49. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-07
50. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-09
51. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-05-09
52. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-06-11
53. Frankenhauser Straße, 2019-06-11

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