Walk from den haag to Monster “de zandmotor”

By Alwin

THE NETHERLANDS – “De zandmotor”, or in English the sand engine is a hook-shaped peninsula which was created by humans; the surface is about 1 km². It is at the beach between the village of Monster and the city of Den Haag. This project made the beach much wider then normal, and created a beautiful natural area.

Now after some years, you can actually see the effects of this experiment. Nature is forming new dunes with the new added sand to the land: you can see dune plants starting to grow and small dune hills are created more and more.

On this day, i had an appointment near the dunes, i walked there for the appointment and decided to make a hike in the dunes of den haag. The plan to walk towards “de zandmotor” was long in my mind. I didn’t really plan to walk this far today, but as I had the wind in my back, the wind sort of just took me there…

And what a beautiful pictures I made there with the stormy weather and amazing cloud formations…

PUBLISHED: 2020-05-14
MODIFIED: 2020-05-14

Distance: 22km

1. Bosjes van Poot
2. Bosjes van Poot - view on Duindorp
3. Bosjes van Poot - view on Duindorp
4. Bosjes van Poot - view on Duindorp
5. Westduinpark - entrance Nieboerweg
6. Westduinpark
7. Westduinpark
8. Westduinpark - foreground: old atlantic wall bunker
9. Westduinpark
10. Westduinpark
12. Westduinpark
13. Westduinpark
14. Westduinpark
15. Westduinpark - view on kijkduin
16. Westduinpark - view on kijkduin
17. Kijkduin
18. Kijkduin
19. Kijkduin
20. Kijkduin
21. Kijkduin
22. Kijkduin - the old boulevard
23. Kijkduin
24. Kijkduin
25. Kijkduin - beach
26. Kijkduin
27. Dunes near Monster
28. Dunes near Monster
29. Dunes near Monster
30. Dunes near Monster
31. Dunes near Monster
32. Dunes near Monster
33. Dunes near Monster - background Port of Rotterdam
34. Dunes near Monster
35. Dunes near Monster - Watertower of Monster
36. Dunes near Monster
37. Dunes near Monster
38. Dunes near Monster
39. Dunes near Monster
40. Dunes near Monster
41. Dunes near Monster
42. Dunes near Monster
43. Dunes near Monster
44. Dunes near Monster - Typical Westland glasshouses
45. Dunes near Monster - Typical Westland glasshouses
46. Monster on the left / Ter Heijde on the right
47. Village of Monster
48. Village of Monster :Mill
49. Village of Monster: Mill
50. De zandmotor (beach)
51. De zandmotor (beach)
52. De zandmotor (beach)
53. De zandmotor (beach)
54. De zandmotor (beach)
55. De zandmotor (beach)
56. De zandmotor (beach)
57. De zandmotor (beach)
58. De zandmotor (beach)
59. De zandmotor (beach)
60. De zandmotor (beach)
61. De zandmotor (beach)
62. De zandmotor (beach)
63. De zandmotor (beach)
64. De zandmotor (beach)
65. De zandmotor (beach)
66. De zandmotor (beach)
67. De zandmotor (beach)
68. De zandmotor (beach)
69. De zandmotor (beach)
70. De zandmotor (beach)
71. De zandmotor (beach) - wind blows the sand...
72. De zandmotor (beach)
73. De zandmotor (beach)
74. De zandmotor (beach)
75. De zandmotor (beach)
76. De zandmotor (beach)
77. De zandmotor (beach)
78. De zandmotor (beach)
79. Kijkduin sunset
80. Kijkduin sunset
81. Kijkduin sunset
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