This page is a description of the working of worldpeoplesplaces.com.

PUBLISHED : 4th May 2019
LAST MODIFIED : 4th May, 2019

Table of contents

  1. World Peoples Places
  2. The website
    1. Main menu
      1. Where
      2. What
      3. How
      4. When
      5. Who
      6. Login
    2. Frontpage
      1. Global map
      2. Articles archive
    3. Articles / Posts
    4. Subject and Category pages
  3. Authors / Writers
  4. Editorial Office
  5. Advertising
    1. Publishers
    2. Adverisers
  6. Contact & Credits
    1. Contact
    2. Credits

1. World Peoples Places

World People’s Places is a website where you can share pictures of (and stories about) places around the world. Articles/posts are categorized as logically as possible by location and subject.

Everybody is free to make an account and to post his or her articles on World People’s Places. Register now so you can start posting.

2. The website

The working of the website is explained here. We do our best to make it as logical and user-friendly as possible, and are always open to suggestions to improve the user experience. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2.1 Main menu

The main menu is situated at the top of every page, and is used to navigate through the different parts of the website. The different parts of the main menu are explained below.

From left to right:

2.1.1 Where

This section shows the post ordered by location (only categories with at least three posts in them are shown in the main menu):

– country
– city
– area (non-political regions)

2.1.2 What

This section shows posts ordered by theme. Examples of themes are:

– Type of landscape (for instance, mountains etc)
– Type of place (for instance, industrial town or fishing villages)
– etc…

2.1.3 How

In this section, posts are are ordered by how they were made, for instance:

– Bike rides
– City trips
– Hikes
– etc…

2.1.4 When

In this section, posts are ordered by the season the pictures were taken in (up to now, these are the four seasons of temperate climates: winter, spring, summer and autumn).

2.1.5 Who

This section shows post ordered by who made them. Clicking on the name of an author will take you to the author’s page, where you can see all the posts he or she made.

2.1.6 Login

This section shows all the options for world peoples places members: (authors):

– Login
– Password reset
– Register
– Account
– profile

2.2 Frontpage

The frontpage is the first page where a visitor will land when going to www.worldpeoplesplaces.com. Here one will first find a map, on which all the articles are displayed. Under the map, one will find all the articles archived.

2.2.1 Global map

On the global map one can browse through all the articles geographically.

2.2.2 Articles-archive

Under the map one will find all the articles. Please note: the articles are ordered by the article dates (article date is the date the pictures in an article were taken), and not by the date the articles were posted cq written.

2.3 Articles / Posts

The articles / posts are undoubtfuly the beating heart of the website. These two terms (article and post) are used randomly, but do have the exact same meaning.

An article is written by an author / writer who has a login to be writing articles on wordpeoplesplaces.com. The specific author / writer has the total freedom over his articles, how he writes them and how he adapts them.

The editorial office only contacts with authors frequently to advise them on how to write or adapt articles in order to give the website a professional look.

So please take note that all the texts and pictures in the articles are fully written by the specific author / writer and can never be copied from third parties. If there is a suspicion that is is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2.4 Subject and Category pages

Certain authors / writers do have the authorization to manage subject and category pages. A subject or category page contains information about the specific subject and category, and as well contains an arhive of all the articles belonging to that subject or category.

Do you long to manage one of the subject and/or category pages? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Authors / Writers

An author / writer is somebody who has the authorization to be writing articles on world peoples places. The terms author and writer are used randomly, and have exactly the same meaning.

Do you want to become an author / writer on worldpeoplesplaces.com? Please do not hesitate and register now, to start writing articles on worldpeoplesplaces.com.

4. Editorial office

The world peoples places editorial office currently consists of 3 members, and is there to help writers in writing their articles in a most profesional way as possible.

The editorial officie only advises writers, and never adapts articles on its own; except in case of illegal actions.

What are illegal actions? Illegal actions are all sorts of unlawful activities for which the website of worldpeoplesplaces can be held responisble. So think hereby about:
– racist texts
– criminal actions
– hateful texts
– etc…

5. Advertising

5.1 Publisher

Every author / writer is allowed to place advertisments in his or her articles and in subject and category pages managed by him or her. The money earned by these advertisments goes fully to the writer of the advertisments.

5.2 Advertisers

Did you find a certain page on this website the perfect location to advertise your product(s) and/or service(s). Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will explore the possibilities with you.

6. Contact & Credits

6.1 Contact

To contact us please do send us an email at:


6.2 Credits

This website is made possible by:

Alwin Hendriks (founder, owner, editorial office)
Contact: alwin@worldpeoplesplaces.com
->working on behalf of:
Doenja-projects (owner: Alwin Hendriks)
Based in: The Hague, The Netherlands
Contact: info@doenja-projects.com

Trade Register Number: 72007273
VAT Number: NL198962514B01


Ruben Alexander (founder, owner, editorial office)
Based in: Berlin, Germany


Vincent Hendriks (editorial office)
Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands