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From Europe
Living in Hilversum (The Netherlands)
Name Ruben
Description When some people say they go everywhere, they mean they climb Mount Everest or visit the South Pole, war-torn Syria or the Chernobyl exclusion zone. But when I say it, I mean that I'll walk or cycle down your street. And I might make a picture of your house, I hope you don't mind. About me: I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1981, and lived there until I was 26 (including 6 years in nearby Zeist). I then lived in Antwerp, Belgium for 1 year, Liège, Belgium for 8 year and Berlin for 19 months before moving back to the Netherlands last year. I now live in my own flat in Hilversum, with a nice view over part of the town. My family is of various (European) origins, and I consider myself partly Dutch, and partly from nowhere in particular. This probably explains why enjoy working in an international environment, as I do now as a receptionist at a hotel. As you can probably see from my posts, I have been fascinated by architecture, landscapes and surroundings for as long as I can remember. I also express this through my drawings, though sadly I have become less productive in recent years.