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Cities & towns in Walloon Brabant
By Ruben Alexander

In and Around Enghien

BELGIUM – Twenty five kilometers south-west of Brussels, Enghien is a small town at meeting point of various regions. Situated just on the Walloon (French-speaking) side of the border with (Dutch-speaking) Flanders, Enghien (NL: Edingen) is one of 12 officially bilingual Belgian municipalities outside of Brussels. It is also on the edge of Picardy, which…

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By Ruben Alexander

My First Steel Mill

BELGIUM – Tubize (NL: Tubeke) is a French-speaking municipality just south of the Flemish town of Halle, and less than 20 kilometers south of Brussels. I have been there often with my dad since I was small, not only because of the pleasant countryside that surrounds the town itself, but also because of something that triggered an interest that I still have today.

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