World peoples places

One step out of the door, and one is traveling...
The world. One world.
One fantastic world this is, and so many different places.


 Significant places. Ordinary places.
Places to live, to love.
To share.
world peoples places.
By Ruben Alexander

A Rainy Day by the Rhine

THE NETHERLANDS – The Netherlands is a country that was shaped by water. Not only by the sea, which made it possible to trade with far corners of the world, but also by the rivers that connect its neighbours to its ports. Much of the country surrounds the delta of  the Rhine and Meuse, two of the most important rivers in Western Europe. …

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By Ruben Alexander

Four seasons in the Maatpolder

THE NETHERLANDS – One of the country’s many polders, or areas with controlled water levels, the Maatpolder used to be on the coast of the Zuiderzee, a bay of the North Sea. But the Zuiderzee was closed off by the Afsluitdijk in 1932, transforming it into the Ijsselmeer. Part the Ijsselmeer was later drained, and the province of Flevoland arose on new land opposite the Maatpolder,

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By Ruben Alexander

A Walk in La Louvière

BELGIUM – My mission to visit every town in Belgium also brought me to places I probably won’t go again without a reason. One such place is La Louvière, which I visited with my dad on 2006-04-04. Wallonia’s fifth-largest town, La Louvière (pop.: +/- 80,000) is a bit like a smaller version of the former…

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