Romania 2017: La Revedere Oradea

By Ruben
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ROMANIA – Klausenburg (who had also booked my room at Pensunea Hubert) had booked me seat on a bus to Budapest airport, leaving at midnight from Parcarea TVS on Bulevardul Dacia. I didn’t want to miss the bus, so I decided to use my rental bike to see where that was in the middle of the day. Expecting to find a bus station, this took me up and down the boulevard a number of time, giving me the opportunity to make pictures of a typical Romanian communist-era neighbourhood, which I think are mainly middle class (and which I hadn’t really visited yet on this trip).

5. Having arrived on the edge of town (on the road to Hungary), I realised that Parcarea TVS wasn’t here, so I asked some passers by (all of them thought I was Hungarian and replied in Hungarian) about its whereabouts. But they didn’t know either
6. Finally, someone directed me to a change office, and I now know that 6 change offices in one block mean that international buses owned by private companies also stop at the nearest regular bus stop. In this case, the stop turned out to be near the roundabout you also saw on the first picture. As it was starting to get cloudy and not good weather for photo’s, I went back there early to make sure I wouldn’t miss the bus (it wasn’t marked on the stop, and I still wasn’t confident it was the right place)
7. Thunderclouds started to gather as I waited in the small park by the roundabout, watching Sunday-evening people coming and going – just sitting there, walking their dogs, letting their children play in the fountain. A homeless man washed his feet and was looked at disapprovingly by a distinguished looking man in his 50’s (actually, I had washed my feet in it too before he had arrived).

People say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, but for me the opposite is true when I’m on holiday: the week I was in Romania felt like I had lived in each town for a month. And as it often does when I leave a place I had started to feel a connection with, the clouds burst and thunder rolled, as if trying to give a dramatic, movie-like ending to my holiday. In this case this meant I had run for shelter, and I spent my last two hours in Romania sitting in the porch of an apartment building, in front of which a minibus did indeed stop at half past midnight to speed me away through the sleeping Hungarian countryside. But I know that I will be back!

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