Through the Fields From East to West

By Ruben

GERMANY – A bike ride through the fields and forests from the suburbs of the former east to Berlin to those of the former west. Despite its rural character, Berliners definitely consider part of the city. Pictures made on 2018-04-19 and 20 (I went back the following morning to make a few extra pictures).

I will start in the former village of Rosenthal, in the borough of Pankow. Rosenthal mostly consists of one street, Mönchmüller Straße, which used to run parallel to the wall about a hundred meters to the west.

1. Mönchmüller Straße, 2018-04-20
2. Mönchmüller Straße, 2018-04-20
3. Mönchmüller Straße, 2018-04-20
4. Mönchmüller Straße, 2018-04-20

Now the previous evening’s bike ride:

5. Mönchmüller Straße
6. Mönchmüller Straße
7. Mönchmüller Straße
8. Mönchmüller Straße
9. Mönchmüller Straße
10. Mönchmüller Straße
11. Mönchmüller Straße
12. Mönchmüller Straße continues northwards to Blankenfelde, another village within Berlin’s city limits, 2018-04-19
13. Allotments (Schrebergarten) off Mönchmüller Straße
14. Turning left (and westwards)
15. Blankenfelde and its Mühlberg are visible in the distance

Crossing the road to Lübars, I will now take you along a section of the Mauerweg, a foot and bike path that follows the former course of the Berlin for about 360 kilometers. This section now separates the former eastern bourough of Pankow from Reinickendorf in the west.

18. 2018-04-19

Mauerweg (which, with an extra space between mauer and weg, could also translate as ‘Wall Gone’) passes through a lot of nature reserves. This lake is in Naturpark Barnim, which is mostly in Brandenburg (the state that surrounds Berlin and was formerly part of East Germany).


Leaving Mauerweg in Frohnau, a part of Reinickendorf that is one of the most upmarket parts of Berlin:


27. Heading south, I’ll leave you with this shot of the Märkisches Viertel, one of the biggest housing estates in former West Berlin

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